Supporting New Growth

About Us

Tying Vines was established in 2011 to enable the development of church leaders and provide Christian charitable assistance to disadvantaged, impoverished or suffering people and assist others serving the same. What started with two projects has grown to over 20 active projects with impact primarily throughout the Middle East region.

Our Team

  • Jeff Kenney – President; Board Member
  • Joe Page – Vice President; Board Member
  • Bob Boehner – Treasurer/ Secretary
  • Josh Smith – Assistant Treasurer
  • Karol Kimple - Bookkeeper
  • Beth Underwood - Director, Communications
  • Anwar Sawaya – Director, Ministry; Board Member
  • Melissa Mitchell – Director, Humanitarian; Board Member
  • Wael Qahoush – Board Member
  • Nick Buscato – Board Member
  • Mary Kenney, Esq. – Board Member