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Introducing NOMADS: Kashif and Danielle

There are an estimated 20 million migrant workers in the Middle East. These men and women come from some of the poorest nations in the world to find employment in the oil rich nations of the Middle East. The hope of providing for their families back in their home countries is what brings them. It is this group of people that Kashif and Danielle have served since they arrived in the Middle East. Kashif arrived in the Middle East as a migrant worker in 2006. It did not take him long to see the huge need and silent desperation of the laborers he met from places like Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Danielle, arriving a few years later, met Kashif and shared his burden for these men and women. They married in 2015, launched NOMADS in 2016, and have two children ages 3 and 1!

NOMADS’ vision is “to equip migrant workers who come from some of the most oppressed, persecuted places on earth to bring hope back to their communities.” The term Nomad describes these workers because often they are moved from place to place according to the labor needed at the moment. The migrant workers reside in labor camps. There are general living quarters where several people sleep in a “bunk house” type environment with one communal space and limited toilet facilities. Every week Kashif and Danielle and many volunteers visit the Camps ministering to the men and women there. Danielle said in a recent email, “We want to build them up and encourage them. Remind them that their families are proud of them and that they’re doing a great job providing for their families.” Often the volunteers bring hard to get items like phone cards, toiletries, socks and other items. NOMADS ministers in these communities wherever they are permitted to do so, sometimes connecting with over 700 individuals per week.

In describing NOMADS Danielle focused on a very unique aspect of their ministry. “We are living in a country where 85% or more of the residents are expatriates. Being in this one location we have access to more than 200 different countries via their own people. … When they return to their home countries, they bring hope and light.” In fact, they often hear words to this affect. “I went to the ME to work and make money, but I found something more valuable than I could have ever imagined…Now when I go home, I am not just bringing a little money. I am bringing hope and truth and life.”

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