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Lebanon Port Incident

By Melissa Mitchell

“Today, we all feel like we are drowning. Especially the people who have lost loved ones, lost their homes, their jobs and everything they’ve worked for. But I believe the Lord was there. I saw him in every single detail. I saw him in the firefighters that were sacrificing their lives to put out the fire. I saw him in the Red Cross workers that were standing hand-in-hand with injured people. I saw him in every individual who opened their homes to strangers in need. I saw the Lord in hospitals where doctors and nurses used flashlights, because of the lack of electricity, to operate on injured individuals.”-Tying Vines on-the-ground Partner

By now, much of the world has moved on from news of the huge explosion that decimated the port and several major neighborhoods in Beirut, leaving the city blanketed by shards of glass and piles of rubble. The blast left 220 dead, 7000 injured and more than 300,000 people homeless. Immediately life changed - stunning an entire country.

Before the explosion, Lebanon was already in crisis. Much of the hardship began last fall when the country experienced the worst wildfires in decades followed by the “October Revolution” that turned the entire nation upside down. With the addition of extended COVID business closures, the country quickly plummeted into deep economic despair. The aftermath of the explosion chaos caused COVID cases to spike dramatically, without hospitals and clinics, electricity and infrastructure to support those in need. The Prime Minister and the entire cabinet resigned. It’s a country in ruin. Neighbors and strangers, outraged and grieving, struggle together to rebuild.

Photo Credit: Arab News (AFP)

“The Lord is around us and with us, and shows us his power through every individual we meet.”-Tying Vines on-the-ground Partner

Watch this incredible testimony from one young lady who has worked as a Tying Vines partner for the last four years:

Tying Vines has had multiple projects running in Lebanon for years; fruitful projects that have impacted countless lives. All of them have been impacted. Our supplies for the year for several projects were lost in the port explosion; some team members were severely impacted and left shell-shocked and traumatized by the terrifying blast. And, worst of all, the devastation threatens the most vulnerable groups we help with catastrophic consequences; the poor, refugees, orphans and widows.

Lots of aid organizations are mobilizing help, but our teams are already there – we are hard at work at ground zero:

  • Treating the sick
  • Rebuilding homes and installing doors and windows
  • Providing food and basic supplies
  • Assisting with counseling and prayer needs
  • Preparing emergency air-cargo shipments
  • Assisting churches, orphanages and schools with clean-up and damage repair

We honor our partners and team members; the #RealLifeHeroes in Lebanon.

Support Lebanon Relief Efforts

Support Lebanon Relief Efforts

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