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New Encounters on Fiji

Tim and Tawnya Green and their three children’s lives changed drastically in 2012 after a short term mission trip to Fiji.  Although most people might think of Fiji as a tropical paradise and vacation dream, the Green family saw much more.  Their hearts were stirred by the needs of the people they met and they began praying and seeking the Lord on possibly serving Him there.   In 2014, after receiving an email from a family they had met on that mission trip, they felt this was the confirmation they needed.  The Greens made the move in 2018, joining the work of Island Encounters on Fiji. 

Tim and Tawnya’s 20 years serving in children’s ministry transferred easily to working with families and children on Fiji.  They are now in their 4th year of ministry in Fiji.  Their ministry includes working with kids in a safe home for women and children.  Twice a week they spend time with the children and are building relationships with them.  “For kids that have few people they can trust, God has allowed us to be someone these kids can talk with, share stories, tutor, and guide them to the Heavenly father, who loves them dearly.  “At church they also offer a discipleship class for children, many whose families are new to the Christian faith.  (Fiji is a country of many faiths including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.  Many of the Christians in the community struggle with finding their hope in salvation by grace and not works- a misconception that those who serve at Island Encounters are helping to break through their Community Development Ministries.)  Also included in the work the Greens are doing is providing an afternoon kid’s program where they share God’s word through lessons and fun activities while teaching them to learn English as well. 

Tawnya recently shared in an email, “Our passion is to see God’s word planted in their hearts and minds as they face the challenges this world brings.” 

Tim and Tawnya have just recently come on board as a new project with Tying Vines.  Please see the link below if you would like to learn more about Island Encounters and the work being done on Fiji.  We are excited to welcome Tim and Tawnya and their family to Tying Vines!


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