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Meet Tim Cox, retired Pennsylvania State Patrol Officer, and founder of The Gray Samaritan. After retiring, Tim and his wife Lynne decided to devote their time fully to rescuing victims of sex trafficking and debt bondage (the term used for those who are trafficked as slaves to pay off debts). The concept behind the name Gray Samaritan is this: “The gray man is someone who blends in. He doesn’t stand out. He gets the job done without being known.” Like the Good Samaritan in the Bible, he is the one who has the means to help the oppressed-the transportation, the funds and the medical supplies.

As part of his ministry Tim travels to various locations overseas to take part in rescue raids where there are known trafficked victims. This work includes training local law enforcement in rescue operation methods. Normally he is invited by the governments to conduct the training: how to do the raids, how to find those who are being trafficked, how to get them to safety, and helping find aftercare in existence to help them move forward. In Costa Rica he joined forces with a ministry called Tactica which trains police officers in basic to intermediate police work with a heavy emphasis on the Gospel and discipleship.

Before the Corona Virus closed the borders, Tim was in Haiti where they conducted at least 8 raids on night clubs, securing 9 young women. Several others were reunited with their families. This trip also included searching out more orphanages as safe locations for those being rescued.

Tim’s ministry is not only focused overseas. In the US he works with Concilium where he trains missionaries preparing to go overseas in sharing the gospel. During this enforced time at home he is continuing with Spanish lessons, and keeping his martial arts skills up.… “so I am ready to go when the time comes.”

Plans are in the works for a trip to the Dominican Republic. He is working on the logistics with the DR’s Attorney General. Also in the works is border work in Haiti and the logistics involved.

In a recent newsletter Tim shared one of his favorite verses. Psl.103:6 The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.

“I love this whole chapter because it talks about how overwhelmingly great God is and how that changes the way we live.”

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