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Never underestimate the power of small acts. They are transformative. Back in 2011 when a small home-group acted on our shared belief we could link resources to help the world’s most vulnerable, we had no idea what started with a few small projects would grow into a thriving, diverse network. We were just doing what our small group had the skillset to do. That was the birth of Tying Vines and it’s still how we operate nine years running. Everyone can do something is our rally cry. It’s genuine and speaks to our core mission. It’s the heart of God demonstrated through our seemingly insignificant actions. We don’t all have the same gifts and talents, but we all have something to give!

This month we want to encourage you to get involved. It’s not hard. We are not special; we are doing every-day normal things everyone can do. Here are a few simple examples we hope will inspire you:

Little Hadi’s parents are friends of Tying Vines. When he heard we were trying to help families who didn’t have enough food this month, he asked his parents if he could do a lemonade stand to help.

He raised enough to feed a family for a month. That’s significant if you are the family without food. It’s a victory for all of us! When it’s on your heart, just do it no matter how small it may seem.

Another young teen, Arden, decided to host a 5k run with his friends as a fundraiser for Tying Vines. He brought his friends together over the weekend. They got in some great exercise while raising support for kids in need. It really is that simple.

One of my favorite examples comes from one of our refugee projects in near the Syrian border in Lebanon. Our Carpentry School boys have virtually nothing. They live in make-shift plastic tents. Their families barely survive, yet when the explosion happened in Beirut, these same boys stepped up. They come daily to help with the recovery efforts; rebuilding doors and windows for homes damaged in the devastating explosion. They are learning a trade while helping others.

You see, it doesn’t have to be a huge event to impact lives in tremendous ways. A lemonade stand, a small event with friends - it can be a lot of fun with your family and community. It can be a learning experience for your class.

So, we encourage you. Get involved. You have a chance to do something good, just do it! Take a minute to consider how you can positively contribute. Start small; start with your family, homegroup, youth group, or your class at school. We all have a role to play – all significantly important to serving the world’s most vulnerable. We don’t all have the same gifts and talents, but we all have something to give!

If you would like to find out how you can get involved, please contact us at If you would like to donate to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable, please donate here:

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