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Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Costs

Administrative costs are 5% of total contributions received.

Boldly Give

Online payments are processed by Boldly Give using BluePay as the gateway vendor to the respective credit card companies.

Transaction Fees

In addition to administrative costs, there are fees incurred for electronic payment options. These fees are deducted by the gateway vendor at the time the donation is made, reducing the amount received by Tying Vines.  Donors receive receipts for the full amount of their donation.

The following table reflects the various transaction fees by:

  • Check: No transaction fee
  • ACH (direct bank withdraw): 30¢/transaction
  • Credit Card / Debit Card*: 30¢/transaction + the credit card fee, typically 2% - 3% depending on card type*. 
  • Wire transfer:typically ranges between $25-$40 depending on bank and destination

*Can vary – corporate, high-rewards, or high-points cards can result in higher % transaction fee.

Project information & updates

The Projects pages on the Tying Vines site may have brief project descriptions for some projects but not all due to specific project sensitivities.  Project updates are typically provided by the projects to their respective donors directly.  If you would like more information concerning a specific project, please contact us.

Why Tying Vines

Where does the name come from? Tying Vines is an action verb that depicts the vineyard worker tying the new growth of a vine branch onto the vineyard infrastructure so it is better positioned to support its fruit.

Tax deductible donations

Tying Vines is a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code; we are qualified to receive tax deductible donations and all donations to us may be tax deductible for US donors. An annual tax-deductible receipt is sent to the donor either via email or US postal service.

For any additional questions please contact