Supporting New Growth

Finding a project

All projects are referenced by a project number and name. If you know either, simply type it into the search box and select the search button. The search will also pick up any keywords in the project description. If you are unsure of the assigned project number or name you can try searching on any word or name that you think may relate.

Selecting a project

The search will return any project for which the word or words searched for are found.

If multiple projects are found, select your desired project from the list.

Donating to a project

The selected project will be added to your checkout basket.   Verify that it is the project you wish to designate.

Note that multiple projects can be selected and grouped into a single payment checkout.

The default donation type is "one-time" and can be made as guest without creating an account.  You will still be required to enter an amount, name, email and address.  

Note that an account, which only requires an email and password, is required to create and manage recurring donations and to retrieve your history of donations.

If at a later date you create an account using the same email, the history of any previous donations will be retrieved and added to your donation history.

Checking Out

After completing the donation page, a summary page is presented to review before you enter payment information to complete the transaction.  

Note that if multiple projects have been selected they will be listed on the left and the quantity of projects will be highlighted above.

Online payment, for 1-time or recurring donations can be by Credit Card or ACH.
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States that will transfer funds directly from your checking account. 

Note that ACH is different than Bill-Pay, wherein your bank issue payment by check.  A key difference between ACH and Billpay is where you control the transactions from.  With ACH you will control the transaction from this site whereas Bill-Pay is controled from your bank's site. 

Also note that ACH and check represent the most efficient donation method in terms of fees. See the FAQ page for further information on fees.

Payment by check

Mail or donations via check or money order may be sent to:

Tying Vines, Inc
1863 Gettysburg Village Drive
Ste. 995, PMB #224
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Please make donations payable to "Tying Vines, Inc." and indicate any special designations on the memo line of your check.

Please use project number ONLY on checks and DO NOT include personal names.