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Refugees In Crisis

More than 65 million refugees have fled war to escape death. Over half are children who are ill, malnourished and at risk of exploitation.

Medical Clinics

Medical clinics fill desperate gaps in care for those displaced by war. Volunteers serve to bring exceptional health care, training and hope.

Development and Business Strategy

Development and business strategy supports local economies and displaced people groups. Global thinkers come together to solve real-word problems.

Education and Knowledge Transfer

Doctors and Nurses provide specialized training to support development opportunities to those in the community.

Working Together - Making A Difference - One Day At A Time

Medical Clinics

Serving the poor in a practical way; restoring health and value​ to the community while bringing hope to the hurting.

Education Solutions

Education Initiatives provide basic reading, writing, and math for children with gaps in education.


Vocational Programs help young adults develop and grow specialized skills; enhancing opportunities for employment.

Counseling Services

Trauma Counseling assists refugees with critical help in dealing with the emotional stress of war.

News Feed

More than 12 million refugees are currently displaced due to war and conflicts in the Middle East. Our medical clinics in Jordan and Lebanon are fully functional - impacting more than 15000 refugees each year. Construction is underway for the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon for our new education space where we will teach vocational programs and K-12 catch-up programs.