Supporting New Growth

Changing The World

Our Mission

Fostering strategic partnerships that assist those in need with sustainable development solutions

Our Vision

Transforming communities through education, medical care, and economic development

Core Values

Networking  - Strategically Connecting
Momentum - Small Steps that Change Lives
Compassion - Bringing Hope and Dignity
Integrity - Reliable, Credible, Trustworthy
Transparency - Systematic Reporting
Teamwork - Collaborative Leadership

Meet The Team

Melissa Mitchell
President and CEO

Business Start-up
Sustainable Development
Education Management

Dr. Bridget Stirling
Medical Advisor

Medical Clinics
Community Health    
Mobile Medical Solutions

Jim Carlson, J.D.
Chief Financial Officer

Project & Operations  Management
Construction Engineering
International Contracts

Ankhiya Eapen
Social Media & Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Networking

Strategic Partners

Jamal Hashweh
​Global Hope Network International
​Strategic Partner - Working in 40+ Countries

Jeff Kenney
​Tying Vines
NGO Partner -  Financial Accountability

Dell Marie Wergeland
Compassionate Resource Warehouse
Worldwide Shipping Resources - 400+ Shipments

Mary Lynne Willbond
Medical Equipment & Supplies

Brian de Francesca
Ver2 Digital Medicine
Tele-Health Platform -
700+ Refugee Camps